Monday, November 12, 2012

You Belong To Me

Give up everything that you fear to lose,
Let go of all that you love,
You belong to me and your only place is in the stars,
How long will you take to see the rose,
It's beauty once it blooms,
And yet that too fades away,
But those petals the wind carries away, 
Spread their fragrance in lands it had never seen before
So kneel on this ground in your Lords name,
Until you dissolve this temple of you and free your soul,
Release your soul to the light of the day and the silence of the night,
You are the rose softly blooming,
You do not belong to you,
You belong to me

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Come To You

They tempted me with jewels, I did not stay,
They tempted me with beauty, I still turned away,
They tempted me with promises of paradise, I walked away,
It was only when I heard the sky take my name, did I run in all directions searching for the one I love,
I searched high and low in hope to touch his essence so that I could let his light shine in this temple of mine,
I was elevated, in utter ecstasy,
I began to hear his song in my heart and I danced,
I danced and danced under the nights moon, 
Until the sun ran its light through the streets of darkness,
I danced till my feet lifted off the ground and I lost this body,
As I looked up to the sky, I saw my beloved waiting for me,
He smile and said return to where you belong, return to me,
Become mine,

As I reached out to hold his hand, I smiled and said, my Lord, I have always been yours,
And it is only to you, I come.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just be

Just be
Like the blue sky holding the passing grey clouds
Let yourself pass away
Slowly and softly
In the mystery the moon hides
Watch her complete her cycle and rise to her fullest
Watch her smile before she disappears
In yourself
Till you find the core of His Divinity in your soul
Spread your wings, precious one
You have been hiding too long
These shackles you fear are old and small
Let them go
We have built all of heaven in the sky for you
So why crawl through hell looking for your paradise
And be born again
With His love in your veins
Let these angels guide you
Hold you
Until you understand
Everything is a particle of light

And that light shines through you
All that light is you

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drop in the Ocean

I gaze through the darkness and found the Lateran of Your Love, softly growing inside me. My Dear Lord, I am ready to give up this futile will and bow my head in surrender to You. Twist and turn me like the Nile, until every ounce of my existence is washed away from who I call me and breathes out to become who You have set me out to be. Call me forth, my Beloved. I am waiting on the edge of my worldly life, to be carried where Your Winds take me. Take this bundle of flesh and blood and burn it in the Light of Your Passion, until I rise above these earthly cares.

Wait, I can feel my wings ruffling, ready to take flight. So come and meet me halfway across Heaven to let me claim what is rightfully mine. Become mine, My Beloved, just as I have become Yours. Let us both rejoice in this union of love, for I am the drop in the stream and you the ocean of life. And you, My Beloved are my ultimate destiny.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Speak To Me Of Love


Hear them come with their heavy boots and flying machines, raging war in the name of love. Of what love do these foul-mouth fools speak of I ask of you!

What love, when they never claimed the iridescent Light of My Beloved's Essence? Did they see the moon smile as she casted a spell on the love sick poet's heart as he lost sleep over her beauty? Oh look at how she glowed as she rested peacefully at the feet of My Beloved's Throne. Or did they see the winds beckoning the sea to conjure up a storm that danced on the tips of His Fingers, only to die in pure surrender in the Palm of His Hands? Did they wait around to see the Heaven's butterfly emerge with her godly wings from the darkened cocoon only to spread radiant colours in the world as she glided on the summer's breeze?

O you fool, why believe only you hold the one key to freedom, when all of the Earth has been rolled out under your feet to be yours? Take off this attire of flesh and blood that you wear and toss that head of yours on the side too. Listen. Just listen as the angels hymn His Name in the night's wind. Look around you and know that everything you see is love and you are merely a reflection of it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Ready

The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,
they're in each other all along ~ Rumi

I watched the oceans weep, for the last time, as I buried your love, somewhere on the edge of uncertainty. My body, that once cried out for your arms, softly sighed of relief, as I opened a new window of hope. The songs of the birds singing to a new day, awakened in me, a light that illuminated the torch I held as a symbol of my beingness. I felt alive in my existence. Being the beautiful, glorious me. I felt alive and ready to dive in the waves of joy, waiting in front of me.

I am alive and ready to meet with my lover at the door of my soul. Knock my beloved, so that I know, you are as thirsty as me to taste the sweet surrender, of our spirits merging into one. Ring this heart's bell, so I know you too, want to lose yourself in the ecstasy of it all. Don't wait for an answer, open the door and look me in the eye, so that I know that it is your soul that has finally arrived to mine.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dancer of Love

Weightless, as I breathe in and allow myself to fall into Your infinite Love. This ocean of joy, opens its arms to catch me, as I gently drop through the sky. Breathless. I am sinking into Your Heart. Sheer bliss, as I breathe out and let myself go. I have disappeared.

Now, watch me dance, on the wind that beckons man, to drink the Wine of Your Love. Savour each drop, it says, because tonight, we shed our earthly skins and rejoice in this utter madness we call Love.

Hurry, we must not delay, for my soul is completely drunk, my Beloved. Catch me, before I fall again. I have given myself up to you, to become the dancer of Your Love. So watch me, my Beloved. Watch me, as I dance away the night for You.